Rabu, Januari 12, 2011

Previous Project

I dont want to take so long time to show up the photo of my project before..so, here we go..Here, I uploads the photo..If you interested, you can order for me.. (",)..enjoy viewing..
Small Canister Cookies
This small canister is suitable for any occasion..I wish to make my occasions (or my family actualy) gift is different than others..so, I always try to finds a new stuff.. I recommend this canister to being as a gift to guest, and you can put cookies or chocolate inside its..the size is not too big and I think small muffin can be loads in with good size..

Box with RE
This is a first box I made with the RE as the deco..actualy its just a normal "rotan" basket, but I transform it to something different..I give the box to MARA Semporna as a sample when I joined Karnival Mega organised byMARA Semporna last 2 years a go..

Wall Frame

This two frame is my 1st trial ..also the HP case down, I'm using it by myself..

Hp Case

Then this is canister cookies that I sold for Hari Raya Aidilfitri on 2009. Its a few colour of it based on the customer demand..1 set is coming with 4 canister..


Orange and cream lace

Soft Pink

Red Roses


Thanks to my hubby who are always support me when I'm doing this..also because he help me to promote my product to his friend..(their also who bought its..hehehe)...so, if anyone of you interested to any of my product, do not hesitate to contact me ya...my email yimsak@yahoo.com ;p

Khamis, Januari 06, 2011

2011 Opening...

Salam..its seems a year I didn't update my blog..so, for this new year, I hope this is the good opening from me..
Here, I upload the picture that I've had made before...enjoy viewing..

Table Runner

Cushion Cover (Inspired from Pn Suzana Mustafa)

For beginner like me..its ok la...

All of this are made by myself..so, anyone interested can order from me..actualy you help me to improve my skills too..Soon I will upload a craft that I made for being a gifts..Thanks guys..