Selasa, Julai 21, 2009

New story..

Mmm..its was so long since April I didnt wrote anything here..acctually i'm forgot the pasword and need to reset it again...for now, lately I'm bz with my daughter, Sasha..She was one years now...mmm, how sweet she is now..
Also, now I'm learning about Ribbon Embroidery..I very impressed with Pn Suzana Mustafa..her design looked real..I hope i can learning more about this kind of art now..I'm being passionate with this craft now...I'll upload the result when i'm done something soon...hopefully...yeah...(",)

Jumaat, April 24, 2009

1st step...

Alhamdulillah..dpt gak aku wat blog ni..actually kat friendster da ada, tp aku xle upload gambar kt situ, gambar2 gift n hasil tgn aku yang lain...
tujuan aku buat blog ni  sekadar nak mempamerkan hasil tangan aku dan juga memahirkannya..untuk sesiapa yang berkenan, ble la order..;p